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…The amount of energy and raw talent you brought to your performance blew us all away
We think it’s safe to say no one has ever drummed on Pringles cans harder than you
– Pringles/Kellogs Team


…he positions himself as the powerful and driving force of any band he plays with, and he can lead a group to
new heights of success and popularity through his masterful expertise.
– Joe Lambert, Truetone Mastering


…Tamas has been in the spotlight his whole life and it shows. Watching him play, with such energy and showmanship,
he does have an incredible talent, the fascinating character, and a personal success story unlike any I have heard.

– Chip Ruggieri, Chipster PR


…banging his heart out and taking the band into ruthlessly ambitious time signatures, unconventional rhythms,
an extraordinary musician and a serious artist.
– Munsey Ricci, Skateboard Marketing


…critics rave about Tamas’s authenticity, his courage, his charisma, his musicianship; with great enthusiasm, as he will never settle for the triumphs he has achieved, but instead will keep driving himself, and his signature sound.
– Mark Strigl, Talking Metal


…Tamas has been of the few that cross my path who understands what is necessary to become a professional musician and who possesses qualities, which will have a significant and unique impact on the music scene.
– Kim Plainfield, Drummers Collective

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